Dubai named world’s top city break destination, ahead of London, Paris and Singapore

According to a study conducted by Premier Inn, Dubai has emerged as the world’s most popular city break destination.

The study was conducted after over 21 countries visited Dubai. It identified the city as a must-visit for those looking to experience the “luxuriate” lifestyle of the region.

The study noted that holidaymakers are eager to visit the United Arab Emirates. Out of the 136 countries that were analyzed, Dubai was named as the most popular city break destination.

A study conducted by Premier Inn revealed that the city of Dubai has overtaken some of the most popular cities in the world, such as London, Boston, Paris, Singapore and Madrid. The study was based on data collected from over 130 cities across the world.

Some of the countries that are looking to visit Dubai are Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa. Other countries that are looking to visit the city include Kenya, Uganda, Sierrra Leone, the Gambia, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Benin, India, Pakistan, Maldives, , Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Eritrea.

Dubai is becoming more popular as a travel destination. It is part of the city’s ambitious plan to become the world’s most visited by 2025. The goal of the tourism industry is to attract 21 to 23 million visitors this year and 23 to 25 million visitors by 2025. It is expected that the tourism industry will contribute to the local economy.

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