Why should I Choose Dubai for Real Estate Investment?

In 2021, Dubai was named as the world’s most desirable real estate market. It was also the fastest-growing region in terms of prime price performance. The city’s various economic support measures and the availability of visas helped drive the price growth.

The government of the UAE has recently launched a new visa program aimed at attracting more wealthy individuals to the country. It will provide Golden Visas to people who invest a minimum of AED2M (USD 545M) in off-plan and secondary properties, which can easily be mortgaged and 3 years visa to people who invest a minimum of AED 750K (USD 200K).

Due to the increasing number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in Dubai, the demand for ultra-luxury villas is expected to continue to grow. These individuals are attracted by the various factors that are contributing to this growth, such as the availability of COVID-19 measures.

One of the most expensive villas in Dubai was sold in April 2022. It was valued at over USD 76 million. This property which is located in Palm Jumeirah, was purchased by a local businessman.

In 2021, the prices of villas in Dubai have increased by 10.6%. In the first three months of 2022, they have risen by 2.6%. This shows that the market’s recovery is continuing. As a result, villas are now 12.9% below their 2014 high.

One of the most attractive ways to invest in the real estate market is by purchasing a property. Unlike bonds and stocks, real estate can be acquired with a small portion of the total cost. This allows investors to get a good return on their investment.

Real Estate Developers in Dubai offer a wide variety of off-plan projects that are suitable for investors. With a down payment of 5% to 15%, investors can get a great return on their investment. In addition, mortgage rates in the UAE are currently at an all-time low of around 3 to 3.5%.

Why Dubai for Real Estate Investment?

The low crime rate, the wide choice of residential properties, and the city’s excellent infrastructure are some of the factors that have attracted investors to Dubai. Also, the government of Dubai allows individuals to own 100% of the real estate in the city.

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