Emiratis & GCC citizens in visa-free access to UK

According to the UK’s Home Office, individuals from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries no longer require a visa to enter the country and can now apply for an entry permit online. Through the UK’s Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA), eligible nationals from various countries can now visit the country for multiple purposes without a visa.

The implementation of the ETA scheme is a key component of the UK’s plan to have a fully digital border by 2025. It will allow passengers who don’t require a visa to travel to the country for short stays or those who don’t have another visa to enter the country.

The Home Office noted that the application process for the new scheme is straightforward and that it will help the government prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the country. It also provides travelers with more assurance about their ability to travel.

Travellers from the Gulf can still use the Electronic Visa Waivers to enter the UK prior to the implementation of the new scheme in 2023. Travellers from the region can complete an online waiver for every visit to the country.

GCC investors are leveraging a weak pound to buy assets in the UK’s luxury property market after the sterling fell in early June to its lowest against the dollar since March 2020.

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